Breaking Barriers to Physical Education and Sport among African Countries


The Physical Education Institute and Sport Association (PEISA) is a multinational Physical Education and Sports consultancy headquartered in South Africa, with chapters and affiliates in other African countries. It was established to promote the development and adoption of equitable and socially just Physical Education and sporting practices that are centred on scientifically sound principles. The founders of PEISA are alumni of the Escuela Internacional de Educación Física y Deporte (EIEFD), with robust experience in the Physical Education and Sport sector within their respective countries.

EIEFD was a university-level sport school near Havana, Cuba that provided scholarships for international students to obtain a degree in Physical Education, coaching and sports sciences. The mandate of the school was to prepare graduates to return to their home countries in order to work towards sustainable and transformational development in and through sport.

Founding Principles

Our founding principles, which guide how we do our work, demonstrate with a greater degree of specificity, our commitment to the established  legislative and regulatory frameworks (context and country specific), and provide the foundation for effective programming and fostering cooperation between the various stakeholders.

These founding principles are consistent with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 58/5: Sport as a means to promote health, education, development and peace, which recognised the positive values of Sport and Physical Education and acknowledged the challenges presented before the world of sport today.


PEISA specialises in connecting institutional clients with leading experts, who deliver context and country specific turn-key solutions in the field of Physical Education and Sport, within and across African countries.

PEISA’s multinational experts work on a day rate basis and are also available for short-term/temporary consultancy assignments. Our rates are set according to the UN Consultants Remuneration Guidelines.

The primary consideration in establishing the rates to be assigned to the consultant shall be the nature of the services to be provided by the consultant, i.e. the complexity, duration and extent of the work to be performed and the degree of expertise required to accomplish it.


The primary membership target group is EIEFD African Alumni. Membership to the body may include the possibility of becoming a member by invitation and/or by association, as it important for our organisation to remain flexible and adaptable to prevailing societal needs. This is because Physical Education is both a political and a societal issue and therefore there is a need for the entire populace to have a uniform concept and drive towards the purpose of Physical Education within each country’s context.